Pepperoni Pizza Pull- Apart Bread

So... I was checking out a bunch of party links and I came across a recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Pull Apart Bread from Just A Taste. It looked awesome! Like make-your-mouth-water & your-stomach-growl awesome. I've seen several variations of the pull apart breads - from savory to sweet - and decided it was time to check this stuff out!

Mine didn't end up being quite so  pull-apart-y, but it still tasted awesome. There are a few things I would do a little differently next time, like it says to roll out your dough, put all your toppings on, and then trim your dough into straight edges, discarding the scraps. I'd rather trim my dough first, then put on my toppings so I'm not wasting toppings on pieces I'm throwing away. It's not a lot, but still, I'd rather trim first and then top. Right?
I used pepperoni, pepper jack, mozzarella cheese and black olives.

Then you cut your dough into strips, stack your strips and cut those into even squares. I found it a little tricky to stack my strips, so my pieces don't look the prettiest in the pan. They're kinda ploppy-loppy. That's my word for plopped in and lopsided. LOL

It has a short rise time at this stage, then you bake it. Half way through baking, you slather on some garlic butter. Mmmm.... it smells so good, you just want it to be done right now! But, soon it is....

See, it's not real separated, more like a loaf. But dang, it tastes delish!

And you still get to pull it apart!

Have you made any pull-apart breads? If so, do you have a savory or sweet preference?

Check out the full recipe at Just A Taste!

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