NO Soliciting!

I don't mean to be rude, but I can't stand door-to-door solicitation. For some reason, our neighborhood seems to get a lot of it. It's not your normal neighbor kid selling something for sports or school, it's creepy adults selling something..... like home security systems from UTAH. I have nothing against Utah, but I'm in Wisconsin. Why are you bothering me??? Or the one that is the worst - the truck that pulls up with the cooler in the back end selling meat. Seriously? Who buys meat from a cooler with an extension cord plugged into the cigarette lighter? Every time we get one, I say to myself "I've got to get a sign out there saying no soliciting." but then I think, OK, no one else is going to be coming (since everyone and their brother has already come) but then oh no...... we keep getting more. So I finally said today is the day.

I've seen cute ones that politely insinuate no soliciting and ones that joked around. I wanted to be sure my sign was taken seriously, so I wanted it short and sweet. No Soliciting. Ever.

I grabbed a spare piece of wood from the garage that looked about the size I wanted to use. I spray painted it gray. I didn't start pics of this project because I didn't really plan on blogging about it but then it was suggested that I should.  So after this point the project get documented. :)

So, I had my gray board and while it dried I stopped at Jo-Anns and bought some alphabet scrapbooking stickers. Lucky me, they were 40% off at the time so I didn't even need to use a coupon! I wrote down my words on a piece of paper, decided on the middle of the quote and put that letter in the middle of the board. Then did the rest of the letters before and after that.

Our house is gray and has a red door, so I wanted a sign that matched. I decided to do the gray underneath, paint it red, then I'd have the gray letters on the red background and then sand it down to have some of the gray show through, looking aged. So next I spray painted my board red.

Before you paint over the letters, make sure they are all stuck down really good.

After it dried, I peeled off my stickers. Found a piece of scrap sand paper in the garage and sanded down the edges and a little off the front. 

Then, I used a soda can tab for the hanger. I just glued that sucker on with a glue gun. Disclaimer: A Diet Pepsi was sacrificed in the making of this sign. The liquid contents were poured down the drain. We are not Diet Pepsi drinkers, it was left over in the frig from some party or another. Our recycle day was just 2 days ago and so there were only 2 cans in the recycle bin and our bins are huge. I would've had to practically climb inside to get a can out from the bottom and that was just not happening!

Then all that was left was to hang it up!

I had to move my welcome sign to the other side of the porch because I thought it was a little conflicting to have both so near each other.

Hopefully it works!

Do you welcome solicitors?

And because it was so easy & fun, I made one for my living room. The beauty of making your own is you can say whatever you want! I just painted this one orange, put my stickers on, glued a leaf from the yard down as a template and sprayed the brown over top, removed the stickers and sanded down.

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