DIY Easy Cube Makeover

Well, yesterday my kids went back to school. We moved our oldest to college last week, so she was gone a week before the other 2. It seems like forever! 

After she got all settled in, she emailed me with a list of items she asked if I could have ready for her to take back when she comes home. One of them was a cube/ottoman thing that she wanted to use as additional seating in her room. She picked out a comforter that had gray & blue in it and was going with coral accent pillows so I decided to see what I could do to make the hot pink cube fit in with her dorm decor a little better. I had some blue home decor fabric in my stash that she had used to make a different decor project for her dorm so I wanted to stay with the same pattern. Unfortunately, the way she had just cut her chunk out of the fabric did not leave me with enough to recover the lid also, so I had to go with a coral to do the lid.

First, I measured the side (since it's square, all 4 are the same) and added 1/2" for seam allowance. I measured the height and added enough to fold over the edge and staple. 

Then I cut out 4 panels according to my measurements.

Next, I sewed all 4 panels together, using 1/4" seam allowance. When I was done, it was like a big circle tube (or a really fat infinity scarf!).

Then I ironed all my seams flat so it would lay better and "scootchied" my tube down over my cube, matching up my seams to the corners of the cube. Make sure there is enough to fold over the top and bottom.

Next, I folded down the top edge a little bit to make it cleaner and then stapled it inside the cube. Staple every couple of inches.

Then, pull it nice and tight at the bottom and do the same thing.

Next I did the lid. The lid has a square lip around the edge, so it was a good place to fold the fabric under, up to the edge and staple. 

And then you're done! Now you have a "new" matching cube! I've seen these cubes on clearance before at Target, so if you do too (or anywhere else) and it's a funky color or pattern, don't let that deter you from getting one at a good deal and recovering it yourself.... it's easy! I think the whole project took 1.5 yds of fabric and barely any time at all.

That will look so much nicer in her dorm! And since she's a big Sperry fan, I bought her a new pair and put them inside the cube. We will see how long it takes her to find them. ;)

I have another bright aqua cube that I want to recover. Unfortunately, my 7 yr old has sort of taken it over. I bought some really neat herringbone (LOVE herringbone!) upholstery fabric on clearance at Jo-Ann's last week that matches my living room decor that I'd like to do it in. I think it'd look very sharp! Wish me luck... ;)

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  1. Hi, Jill

    I love how your cube came out. I found your lovely blog from TwelveOeight link party and I enjoyed looking around your lovely blog. I am a new follower. Have a great week and love for you to stop by


  2. Thanks Vanessa, and glad you stopped by! I stopped by yours, followed you also. Love your furniture pictures, you've done some great pieces! ~MamaGing


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