Easy DIY Awning Window Treatment

I haven't made anything lately and all my posts have been about food, so before I let go of my Part 2 of Summer Veggies post, I wanted to slip in a quick project I just did yesterday. 

Lately I've been seeing a lot of posts about kitchen renovations and I don't want to redo my whole kitchen, but there are a few things on my mind that I think I can do that will pacify me with a little different look. One thing that I have noticed in several pictures are kitchen curtains that are the awning style, and I really like that look. Some have purchased the curtain, some have made their own and in really looking at what it is, it's basically just a piece of hemmed fabric draped over a rod. Easy peasy.

This is my current curtain. Sorry for the poor lighting but this is a north window and the time I was taking this picture, there wasn't great light.

So I found a tension rod laying around (in my craft room) that wasn't being used and brought that to the kitchen. The original valance I had up there was already using a tension rod too so now I had the 2 I needed. I placed my rods where I think I'd want them and measured in between the two and then eyeballed how much drape I wanted after the second rod. I added 1.5" for the top hem to hold the small tension rod and an inch for the bottom hem. Just to be on the safe side, I added a few inches since I really didn't know how long I'd want it to drape over the second rod and I could throw it up there, and then figure out my hem. I then measured the width of my space between the cupboards and added an inch, for a 1/2" seam allowance on each side.

I then went down to my craft room, found some ivory and black fabric and sewed up my hems. I just did a simple hem for the sides and the top tension rod.

Once I figured out my drape, I hemmed the bottom with a 1/2" ironed hem, then another 1/2" ironed hem.
I will probably make another one, as this really wouldn't be my first choice for fabric but it was the only thing I had that was ivory and black and it's a cotton quilting fabric. I debated whether or not to line it but since this was just a trial run, I skipped doing that. I think I would make another one in a heavier home decor fabric. My kids loved this because they are into the chevron right now. Fingernails and all! But that's the beauty of making your own - your color & pattern selection is soo much better than what the options are when you purchase a premade.

This is the underside of the awning. Super easy - just put your top tension rod through and hang at the very top of your window and drape the rest over the second rod!

I really like the look! What do you think? Now off to figure out what color to paint my soffit. The cabinets were already painted this cream color when we moved it and we took down all the wallpaper in the kitchen and painted the walls a nice cream but I think the soffit and the cabinets get lost and so I want something to add a little pop to the soffit until I figure out what to do with the cabinets. I'm thinking a darker cream chalk paint for those......

Anyway, snapping back to reality........... I think it looks really nice and I'm pleased with the quick & easiness of making it. Even my 7 year old (who doesn't like to be in the basement by herself for some reason) told me I made it too fast because she didn't want to go back upstairs already. :) I'm contemplating having that wavy board taken down. At first I thought it would detract from my awning, but now I don't know what to think. I kinda think it dates the decor, but yet I kinda like it. What do you think?

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  1. Awesome fresh idea ... I would take down the board, too much going on taking away from the fresh awning!

  2. Thanks Angeline! I think I will, as soon as I can figure out what saw to use. I don't want to ask the hubby because then he'll be all "What are you up to now?" LOL Better to just do it, & then he will notice it a few months from now ;)

  3. Great idea, I was looking for some direction. Yes, I think I'd take that down too. My hubbys granny had cabinets in her kitchen with the wavy board. Rest of kitchen looks more modern. Good luck in all your projects:)

  4. I would leave wavy bored and find or make wavy fabric


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