Nostalgia, Tears, Baseball & Food!

This past weekend was another busy one as my daughter graduated from high school and my husband had a baseball tournament, as well as his regular Sunday league game. And, some friends that recently moved to Nebraska were back in town for a visit, which was awesome!

So, first things first......... my oldest baby graduated. This is Hayley in her graduation dress (her awesome Aunt Kerrie bought for her) before the ceremony.

She's like "see mom, no big deal. We don't need tears!"

Then she was off to pictures with her friends before the ceremony.

I brought lots of kleenex to the ceremony because I knew I probably would not do well. My day started out a little emotional, just knowing what was about to come, so the tears had started early. I was in the basement going through an old desk looking for pictures of Hayley when she was younger. I came across this one of she and I at school for some function/achievement she did. The right side was about a week ago at her Senior Awards Ceremony.
Then, of all days, going through that old desk I came across my sister's graduation picture. As I've mentioned, I lost my sister 2 years ago to cancer. I flipped the picture over, and read "To Jill with all my love... Robin. 1983" And, as it's doing now, it got me crying.

Fast forward to the actual commencement ceremony, here is my beautiful graduate-to-be waiting to be called to collect her diploma.

My hubby & I so proud of her! Seems like kindergarten was only yesterday... she was reading at a 3rd grade level & the only kindergartener to enter a speech contest. She wow'd us back then and she still continues to wow us! She's weathered a {my} divorce & remarry with grace, survived open heart surgery while starting a new school her freshman year, suffered loss of loved ones, she's been a world traveler, a hard worker, a dedicated & involved student & athlete, and a great big sister.

The girls have a whole collection of these poses... seems an occasion would not be complete without one.
And believe it or not, I didn't shed a single tear at graduation. I must've ran out. ;) I will probably have a fresh supply when we go visit her college this week for registration & class selection. That means it's really happening and she's leaving me. Sniff sniff.

The rest of my weekend consisted of my husbands Home Talent League baseball games. Friday night and Saturday were tournament games and Sunday was his regular Sunday League game. I tell you, these guys are like family to me. You couldn't ask for a better group of guys to postpone any vacations for, spend oodles of gas money driving 2 vehicles all over for, weathering the freezing cold or the blistering hot for, and allowing them to "steal" my husband 3 days a week for for 4 months. My husband has managed this team for about 15 years I think, and has played for over 20. He missed his first game in 17 years the night Hayley graduated... hasn't missed since 1995 when he went to Germany. That's how hard-core he is about baseball. 

My hubby heads up before us since he brings all the equipment and has BP. The girls and I ride up later. It's become our tradition to take a "road trip" picture to every game. Our collection so far:

Hattie is in the back seat but she won't come forward enough for the picture. Abby has her drivers temps, so sometimes she drives. It depends on where we are going and if the Interstate is busy.

I won't bore you with all the details, but the Railmen won 2nd place in the tournament. YAY!

Since the guys had a long weekend of baseball..... regular Thursday night game, Friday night tourney, 2 tourney games Saturday and then regular Sunday league game, I decided to bring treats for the team. That, and the place we were playing was at a high school, so there was no concession stand for food or drinks. I brought ham sandwiches...

What is it about simple butter & ham sammies that are so yummy? I love ham sammies. I remember growing up that was my favorite part of going to a wedding was was ham sammies at the reception. When I say that, my kids look at me like where in the world did you go to weddings? Now, ha! You'd never find a ham sammy at a wedding reception.

And Garlic Pretzels. This is a snack that is so simple to make and it makes large quantities, so it's great for a large gathering....... or a baseball team LOL. They are so addicting, I'm warning you right now. ;) My daughter tells me they are the devil (they really mess with your breath!) and never make them again, but she keeps on eating. Everyone seems to love these pretzels! I'll share the recipe at the end.

And last, but certainly not least... THE best Chocolate Chip Cookies. They really are. And you can get the recipe here at Buttercream Bakehouse. Run...... don't walk.:)

I've made 3, 4 dozen batches in the last 2 weeks. My family can't stop eating them and making cookies is my least favorite baking item. The things we do for love.

We lost, but the guys were grateful for the snacks. I think my hubby is worried they will expect that at every game. He says it like it's a bad thing. ;)

Crowd Pleasing Garlic Pretzels

3 pounds of pretzels (not stix)
Enough oil (canola, grapeseed, olive, popcorn, your choice) to cover pretzels
1 tsp garlic salt
3 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp parsley
1 tbsp dill weed
1 package dry Ranch dressing mix

Dump pretzels into a large mixing bowl. Pour oil in to thinly cover all pretzels, stirring to coat, and add more if necessary. Add rest of ingredients, mixing well after each addition. It's best to let them sit an hour or so before eating to have the pretzels soak in the many flavors.

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  1. I love that you made my cookies. Thanks for posting a link to my blog. Congrats!

  2. They are too good not to share! :) I may have to try that apple pie bundt cake too.. yum. And the sugar cookies with pepper? We LOVE pepper in this house. Both definitely on my to-do list!


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