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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Zulily Copycat

So today I placed my first order at Zulily.com. I know, I'm probably late to the game but I honestly thought they only had baby & maternity stuff since that's all I saw in the ads anywhere. I placed an order for a "princess" dress for my 7 year old who has a birthday coming up, so when I was done, I perused the site looking at every thing. One thing I came across was a plain white cotton onesie with an argyle print tie sewn on it. From the Zulily website:

It was $38, on sale today for $16. I was like holy cow, seriously? It wast cute, maybe $16 cute, but certainly not $38 cute! It just said 100% cotton, not even organic cotton. To me, that looked like something that could easily be replicated and I was up for the challenge since I just had 2 little baby boys born within my circle of family & friends within the past 2 weeks. Surely one of them could use it if I made one!

I started out purchasing a Gerber pack of 4 plain white onesies (for $7.00) that you can get at Target or Wal-Mart or whatever your preferred discount store is. I had to go to Hobby Lobby so I checked out their fabric department and found some cute argyle fabric. (I actually think they did have the exact brown argyle as the Zulily one but I didn't want to use that one LOL.)  I then washed my onesies and fabric and drew a tie. You can use my template here or you can draw your own. This one is for a size 0-3 month onesie. Just print it enlarged for a larger size onesie (I find if you print it out at 125% that's good for a 3-9 mo. onesie.) Cut out your tie on your fabric.

 Since my fabric was just out of the dryer, it needed to be ironed, so iron yours too if needed.


I then cut a piece of fusible tape a little shorter than the length of the tie. I wanted to be able to secure it to the onesie while I stitched it on but didn't want the whole thing ironed on because I have done that before and gunked up my needle. Yeah, not cool.

 Iron the tie to the onesie using the recommended heat setting for your tape.

Then mosey on over to the sewing machine, set it to your zigzag stitch and sew around the edges!

Isn't that cute! And you didn't have to cut off an arm or leg to buy it, and you had it in 20 minutes!

Now pat yourself on the back, and go show a comparison picture of the Zulily onesie and your newly created onesie to your husband ;) But seriously, is there much difference?

one 6"x 3" piece of fabric, washed
white or coordinating thread
5" piece of fusible tape
one plain white onesie, size 0-3 months

Print tie template and cut out tie. Pin to fabric and cut a tie piece. Iron if needed. Attach fusible tape in between the onesie and wrong side of tie and iron. Sew zigzag stitch around edge of tie with white or coordinating thread.

Wasn't that fun? Now I have 3 more onesies I can make cool looking ties on. :) What's a project that you've replicated from seeing on a retail site?

Check out this and many other great projects and ideas where I Party!


Nancy said...

Such a great tutorial!! Thanks so much! It's so much harder for me to think of cute baby boy gifts than little girl gifts.... thanks for the GREAT idea!!

Jill P. said...

Thanks Nancy, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Diane Roark said...

Very creative and impressive! Your onesie looks just as good. It really does!

Blessings Always, Diane Roark
Thank you for stopping by my blog at www.recipesforourdailybread.com you may want to read my post about CHICK-fil-A. I am giving away a prize pack on May 10th.

Jill P. said...

Thanks Diane!I will certainly check out your prize pack :)

Jill Plenty said...

Sorry, I have to turn off the comments for this post because I'm getting a ton of spam comments.

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