Top 'O The Weekend To Ya!

As we go into St. Patty's day weekend, I'm kicking it off with some Thin Mint Puppy Chow. Can't go wrong with chocolate and Chex mix, not to mention Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint cookies! Not that these items are exactly "Irish" foods, but the colors go with the holiday!  I found the recipe at Your Cup of Cake. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, so instead of adding the mint extract to my white chocolate (& avoiding it getting hard from adding liquid) I used mint chocolate chips and only used half the recipe amount of white chocolate.

This snack would go good watching reruns of BallyKissAngel, an older PBS series set in Ireland that we've always enjoyed. We have all seasons on DVD but if you can find it on Netflix, I'd recommend it. 

Even though I have red hair and an "Irish" temper, I actually am not Irish at all. But, I am looking forward to making more recipes to celebrate St. Patty's Day weekend.... stay tuned!

 If you don't have any Girl Scout cookies left, don't fret. I looked at a few grocery stores and lastly, my local Wal-Mart had these and they are the spitten image of Thin Mints: