Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way!

I love to make Mug Rugs. If you aren't familiar with what those are, they are a cross between a hot pad and a placemat. They are a personal size, big enough for a cup of coffee or tea and a bagel or croissant or whatever your little snack you like with tea or coffee is. I also used it at lunch time as a hot pad at my desk. Or afternoon snack. They are just so fun to use! I've made several (another excellent way to use up scraps) for myself, family, teacher gifts & even graduation presents. Great for a college student sitting at a small desk eating while surfing Pinterest - I mean, studying. I've even sold some just because people have seen mine and wanted one for themselves and others, and I've made them to their color requests. Since they're quilted, you can use any pattern of quilting you want. Sometimes I use straight lines, sometimes I use squiggly. To make your own, just use the same concept as the Stripey Egg tutorial below but cut your size/shape to whatever you want.

Perfect for a college student - when one side gets dirty, flip it over!
Here are a few I made as teachers gifts (even for a man teacher, the middle top one)
with scraps, the color combinations are endless!
 So for Easter, I made mug rugs for my kids and myself (still working on a color combo for the hubby). These were the first Mug Rugs I made, so I purchased the pattern from The Split Stitch (I wanted to be legit if/when I sold them), but the free Stripey Egg Mug Rug tutorial is here ) and I went to town. I quickly realized you can really make these any size or shape you want, you don't need a pattern. For the kids, I put their initials on the back and I guess I should probably put the year too so they can keep them forever. LOL.

Easter Mug Rugs

the backs

So, I'm excited for us to all use our rugs on Easter morning at breakfast. I'm thinking I will make these yummy "birds nest" breakfasts again. They were a hit the last time I made them.

I recently ordered some custom made fabric labels from Spoonflower, and I'm excited to get them. I need to stop making stuff so I can add my labels before I'm done with a project!

I've got some Easter table decor ideas that are brewin'.........stay tuned! ;)