Some more camera fun

We went to my in-laws farm to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day (every day we have one I convince my kids "it could be the last!") and take pictures of the girls around the farm. These days it's hard to get all 3 together, Hayley was working and wasn't with us so it was just Abby & Hattie. That's ok, the previous photos of just Hayley was when Abby was up north, so it eventually evens out. :) These photos I shot with my old camera, my Nikon Coolpix L18 that has been my trusty, small, very reliable digital point & shoot that I carry in my purse at all times because you just never know. I have a funny story to tell with these pictures too.... I am NOT a fan of Wal-Mart but they are the only local photo service that will do 1 hr photos in matte as I can't stand glossy photos. So, I go there for my reprints. I did all my uploading, editing, ordering online and got to the end of my order and it said my resolution was bad for the photos. UGH, I had to start from scratch, re-edit and reorder. This time, I didn't get an error message so I was excited. I get to Walmart to pick up my pictures and the clerk says to me "Do you have the originals of these photos?" My first thought was oh great, I just spent $18 on pictures that didn't turn out. I said yes and conversation went that she basically accused me of ordering reprints of professional photos without a photo release from the photographer. Ha! (little ego stroke there!) I did my best to convince her that I WAS the one that took the photos but in the end she made me sign a GOVERNMENT FORM (which I feel she purposely stressed to try and scare me into admitting the photos weren't mine) that released them from all legal action should the photos be not mine to have reprinted, but I said I was more than happy to sign the form. I also took a few not to far from our neighborhood where there are some train tracks. So........ enjoy the photos!