All Up In {and over} My Grill

Today I want to share a project that has been brewing in the hopper a little while. I've been wanting to make a cover for our grill and just hadn't decided the best way to go about it or with what. I found some oil cloth at Hobby Lobby that I am coveting. I know, I'm not supposed to covet but in all fairness, there are a few designs that are pretty sweet. But, it's not cheap so I didn't want to use oilcloth until I knew what I was doing. Although, I did scarf up some of the project sheets that were hanging by the oil cloth display so I could do some more coveting planning.Someday I'd love to make my daughter a rain coat.

As you can see, I started with our electric grill. I know, everyone uses gas but I'm the one that does the grilling since I want food on table when my hubby gets home, and I'm afraid terrified of gas grills. I had an electric one when I was single and absolutely loved it. It was bright orangish-red that my mom picked up for a few bucks at a garage sale for me and I used it until it died. So after a few years of marriage and our stint with a gas grill that didn't last too long, we went back to electric. I should clarify - it was the gas grill that didn't last - still married! 

Anywho... since I wasn't using oilcloth, I figured the next best thing would be a vinyl tablecloth. It would be a big piece of "fabric", smooth on the inside and repel water/weather elements on the outside. I picked up a nice bright one for $3. I chose the biggest size available, 60" x 102" rectangle.

I wasn't quite sure how to sew with this, like what needle I should use so I figured I'd follow the same rules for sewing with oilcloth. Here are a few tips:
  • use a size 16 needle - also known as a denim needle for sewing with denim fabrics. You can use a standard poly/cotton thread
  • cut your fabric with pinking shears to avoid fraying edges & finish edges as you normally would
  • use a longer stitch when going straight, and shorten when you go around curves or corners
First thing I did was measure my grill. I'm going to make this cover in 3 pieces, very similar to the way you make a sewing machine cover, just on a larger scale.
Piece 1: I went from the floor in front, over the grill to the floor in back by how wide the grill was plus 1" for seam allowance. I cut that out and laid it on the grill. 
Pieces 2 and 3: Then I measured the 2 end sides from the ground to the top of the piece already on the grill by the width plus 1" seam allowance. 

I hope this makes sense. The wheel base was wider than the grill handles so go with the widest parts. You can adjust later.

I cut out my pieces and pinned them right sides together. Once it was all pinned, I could tell the top part was much wider (because of the wheels) than it need to be, so I trimmed the sides at a taper for a more fitted look and repinned.

bigger than it needed to be, so I trimmed some off
 Now it looks better.

Gently remove and carry to your sewing machine. Don't forget to change your needle!

I will confess I did not finish my seams. The table cloth had finished seams all around it and after cutting it, I ended up with half my seams finished and I figured that was good enough. Next I just sewed my 3 seams on both sides with a 1/2" seam allowance. I also left the bottom edge alone, I didn't hem.

I was going to do boxed corners but when I put the cover on to just test it, the corners didn't need to be boxed, they were already sort of formed that way so I left them. All done! See how nice it looks? MUCH better than just a plain 'ole boring black one!

Just sitting there looking all pretty until it's time to grill! 

Does your grill need a new {or a first} cover? Go ahead and give it a try - it's easy!

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  1. Jill, that is, by far, the cutest grill cover I have ever seen!! So clever. It turned out great!

  2. it looks very nice! :-) very pretty!

  3. Great DIY! When it comes to Outdoor Grill Covers you are definitely going to want something that can withstand the elements. How well has it held up?

  4. Thanks Mike! It's held up great so far! We've had numerous storms & rain since I put it on and hot, humid weather... this is Wisconsin, where we can get all 4 seasons in one week regardless of what season it's supposed to be! ;)

  5. What a great idea, I have been looking for a pretty grill cover to replace the ugly black cover we currently have. Great idea!

  6. Have been meaning to do this for ages - you make it look so easy - and love the idea of using a tablecloth!

  7. I suppose you could also use this same application for patio furniture covers? Thanks for the idea!

  8. Yes Julie, you could! I would imagine it would be slightly more of a project since patio furniture has more shape to it than a grill but definitely do-able! Good luck if you try it! ~ Mama Ging


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